Barebells launches next-level Vegan Protein Bar: Caramel Peanut

Barebells expands its popular vegan range with a new, great-tasting protein bar: Caramel Peanut. It combines peanuts, smooth caramel, and chocolate with 15 grams of plant-based protein – and has no added sugar.   

– With a next-level texture and flavor, this bar will impress both vegans and non-vegans, Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells, says. 

The Barebells Vegan Bar range was born in 2020 – to prove that it is possible to develop vegan protein bars without compromising on taste. The range, which includes the flavors Chocolate Dough, Salty Peanut and Hazelnut Nougat, has become one of Barebells’ most popular categories in Germany. Now, following a successful Veganuary campaign, Barebells launches a new vegan bar in Germany: Barebells Caramel Peanut Vegan Protein Bar.   

The protein bar is loaded with crunchy peanuts, has a sweet caramel topping, and is ultimately covered in silky chocolate (all vegan of course!). It has 15 grams of plant-based protein, no added sugar, and is certified vegan (V-Label). 

– We wanted to evolve our vegan range and have been perfecting this bar for a long, long, time. Since the vegan range is so appreciated in Germany, we are excited to launch Caramel Peanut exclusively there to start with, Isa Galvan says.  

New recipe – smoother texture  

The Caramel Peanut is developed to be a unique addition to the vegan bar range. With care and consideration for both taste and texture, the recipe has been tailored to this specific flavor. The new bar contains 15 grams of wheat and soy protein and has no added sugar.  

– Caramel Peanut is the perfect complement to our vegan range. While our previously launched vegan bars have more of a crunchy texture, Caramel Peanut has a smoother consistency and is the first vegan bar with a sweet caramel layer. It is a must-try for vegans and non-vegans alike, Isa Galvan says.  

Experience the new standard in vegan snacking 

Caramel Peanut invites consumers to discover the latest innovation in plant-based snacking. It is suitable as a snack, on the go, in between meals or as a sweet treat at any time of the day. Caramel Peanut launches on the 18th of March and will immediately be available for purchase nationwide at dm and through  

About Barebells 

Committed to your cravings, Barebells offers a broad range of delicious high-protein bars, milkshakes, and drinkable meals – all great-tasting alternatives to snacks, treats or nutrition on the go. The brand was launched in Sweden in 2016 and is now present in over 40 markets. Barebells products are all packed with protein, have no added sugar, no palm oil, and never compromise on taste.   

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