Our sustainability efforts are divided into focus areas, in which we believe we can make most difference given our products and operations: We want to minimize our environmental impact, inspire a healthy and active lifestyle, promote inclusion, and ensure good governance and compliance.

Barebells is a part of Vitamin Well Group, which was founded in Sweden with the ambition to provide healthier and better tasting drinks, snacks, and protein products. To ensure efficiency, we drive our sustainability initiatives on a broad scale, not restricted to one specific brand. As such, our focus areas include efforts that concerns both Barebells and other brands within the Vitamin Well Group.

Minimize our environmental impact

We are firmly committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. With the rapid expansion of our operations, there will always be more that can be done. But we are proud that we have decreased our total environmental impact per sold product/revenue, year after year.

We map our emissions throughout our value chain and can therefore identify key areas to improve further – our road to zero journey. During recent years, we have made great progress by improving our packaging, decreasing the material needed, optimizing our logistics and by increasing our demands on supply and production partners.

Our CO2e reduction targets have been approved by Science Based Targets initiative (a global sustainability standard, based on a collaboration between United Nations and several institutes). We have also evaluated our efforts through rankings such as Ecovadis and disclosure standards such as CDP, the Carbon Disclosure Project.

We conduct carbon offsetting for our remaining emissions through high standard water and solar panel projects, which also contributes to 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Inspire an active and healthy lifestyle & promote inclusion

Barebells, and the other brands within Vitamin Well Group, all represent a unique opportunity to inspire an active and healthy lifestyle. Each year, we arrange or support events around the world that inspire people to work out and live a more active life. From large events like the München Marathon and the World Handball Championships, to local events open for anyone.

We also conduct activities that contribute to good causes – often the fight against cancer. For example, we arrange running races in both Sweden and Norway where all revenues go directly to the childhood cancer fund of each country. We also have a partnership with Battle Cancer, which arrange functional fitness competitions in large cities within both the EU and the US.

Around the world, Barebells and our other brands collaborate with great ambassadors that have significant influence. Together, we have an opportunity to promote inclusion by broadening established perspectives and norms. arranging or supporting events that can fight social exclusion, by inspiring with the social inclusion of sports. For example, we arrange an annual soccer school for kids from areas with social exclusion in Stockholm, Sweden, together with our world class soccer partners.

Good governance and compliance

Last but not least, we are proud of our Scandinavian business ethics with good governance and compliance and have policies and routines in place to ensure we keep to our values. Perhaps most essentially, we take great care to make sure the ingredients and labelling of Barebells products follow the individual legal and regulatory demands of each country.

To ensure compliance throughout our value chain, we have policies in place that put pressure our suppliers, production partners and distributors to keep to our standards when it comes to topics such as anti-corruption, privacy, anti-money laundering, harassment, health and safety, whistleblowing and more.

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