Summer living is made easy with two new Barebells-flavors

Road trips, picnics, late-night swims, festivals, walks in the park, going to the beach. We all love summer living – and now it will be both tastier and easier with Barebells’ new, summery, flavors: Original Bar Sunny Strawberry and Soft Bar Lemon Cheesecake.  

Barebells is expanding its popular range of protein bars with two new flavors, launching on the 15th of May in Sweden, with additional markets to follow shortly. The new flavors, called Sunny Strawberry and Lemon Cheesecake, are made to enhance the feeling of summer – and make summer life a little bit easier.  

– Delicious and high protein? A piece of cake. A convenient snack to bring to any summer activity? A walk in the park. Barebells wants to help you have the cake and eat it too, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells.  

When the schedule is full of fun, the rest must be easy and convenient. With Barebells’ new flavors, it will be delicious too.  

Barebells Soft Bar Lemon Cheesecake is a soft protein bar with the taste of lemon cheesecake, with soft and sour-sweet lemon cream and a silky white chocolate cover. The Barebells Soft Bar contains 16 grams of protein and has no added sugar.  

Barebells Original Bar Sunny Strawberry is a protein bar that combines strawberry with a hint of lemon, topped with a smooth strawberry layer and crips before ultimately being enclosed with silky white chocolate. Sunny Strawberry, which is a limited summer edition, contains 20 grams of protein and has no added sugar.  

– We are always looking forward to launching seasonally flavored bars like these. They  are very appreciated within our community, as the cravings may change throughout the seasons. With Barebells, this summer will be more enjoyable than ever, says Galvan.  

About Barebells  

Committed to your cravings, Barebells offer a broad range of delicious high-protein bars, milkshakes, and drinkable meals – all great-tasting alternatives to snacks, treats or nutrition on the go. The brand was launched in Sweden in 2016 and is now present in over 40 markets. Barebells products are all packed with protein, have no added sugar, no palm oil, and never compromise on taste.   

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