Exclusive Advent calendar – celebrate with Barebells every day up until Christmas

As the winter holidays are approaching, Barebells is launching a limited-edition Advent calendar. It is a Christmas-themed 24-day treat that is bursting with flavor and protein, without added sugar. 
– Barebells fills your days until Christmas with excitement and exclusive protein treats – without added sugar, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager, Barebells. 

Right in time for the winter festivities, Barebells is inviting everyone to an everyday celebration with its most recent launch, the Advent calendar. It consists of a beautifully designed box, tailored to lift the Christmas spirit, with 24 doors of pleasant surprises for each day leading up to Christmas Eve.  

– At Barebells, we want to make it feel like Christmas every day. The Advent calendar is the perfect way to treat yourself or someone you love, Isa Galvan says.  

Hidden behind the doors of the calendar are 24 individually wrapped protein bars – in different, best-selling, flavors from the Barebells Soft Bar range, the Original Bar range as well and the Vegan range – providing delicious, chocolate-covered bars with 15-20 grams of protein, all without added sugar. 

The Barebells Protein Bars suit anyone wanting to feed their cravings, but also those who want to keep their protein intake high while avoiding sugar.  The bars are great snacks in between meals, perfect pre- or post-workout or on the go – and can even be enjoyed as dessert.  

Last Christmas, Barebells launched its first Advent Calendar in selected markets. The limited-edition items were highly requested and sold out within days. 

– Seeing how appreciated the calendar was, we naturally wanted to offer the Barebells fans a new one this year. It goes beyond traditional Advent calendars when it comes to taste, design, and size, Isa Galvan says.   

The Barebells Holiday Calendars will be available exclusively through official Barebells-webshops. It has launched in Denmark, Germany, and the UK – with more markets to follow.

20 grams of protein. All the taste.