Barebells Protein Bars Launch Nationwide Across Canada

The wait is over – Barebells is coming to Canada! After its success all over the US, Barebells is now rolling out four of its best-selling protein bars to retail, gyms, and supplement stores nationwide in Canada.

Barebells is on a mission – to provide convenient snacks that are high in protein and with no added sugar, without compromising on taste. The brand, which was founded in Sweden in 2016, entered the US in 2020 and has rapidly become a consumer favorite all over the country, and a top three protein bar brand on Amazon. Barebells’ bars stand out among protein products with a unique combination of satisfying taste and great texture.

As more and more health-conscious consumers have discovered Barebells, the demand to bring the bars to Canada has become louder and broader.

“Canadian consumers have craved Barebells for a long time – some of them have reported that they’ve been traveling across the border only to stock up on Barebells. Now, we are finally able to answer their call. Expanding into Canada is an important step in our growth journey, and we are very excited for the future”, Roland Radu, General Manager of Barebells Canada, explains.

Now, Barebells is rolling out in Canada on a broad scale, first in-store but soon online as well.

The first Barebells bars to hit the Canadian market are four Barebells Original Bars: Cookies & Cream, Creamy Crisp, Caramel Cashew, and Chocolate Dough. They are all free from added sugar and packed with 20 grams of protein. Each flavor, designed to satisfy different tastes, shares having a great texture and a delicious silky milk chocolate coating. The bars come in single-serving packages, four packs, as well as boxes of twelve.

Barebells will be available at Supplement King, Herc’s, vitamin shops, and other retailers across Canada, as well as a broad mix of local retail, gyms, and drug store chains, ensuring satisfaction for every craving.

About the new Barebells Original Protein bars in Canada

Cookies & Cream is the best-selling Barebells protein bar in the US, with its iconic flavor and unparalleled texture. Its classic flavor is inspired by the most loved American cookies, this bar is sure to satisfy any crazy cookie cravings. The cherry on top; Cookies and Cream has 20 grams of protein and no added sugar.

Creamy Crisp: This white fluffy, gooey caramel-filled bar topped with crispy puffs is nothing short of perfection. Packed with 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, this protein bar is your perfect snack!

Chocolate Dough is filled with mouthwatering chocolate dough, covered in creamy milk chocolate, and coated in chocolate crisps. With 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, this indulgent protein bar will have you back for more! Its flavor is so sensational it will make you say YES, I DOUGH!

Caramel Cashew is far too gooey and chocolaty to compare to anything but the most decadent of desserts, and yet it has 20 grams of protein and no added sugar. Caramel Cashew was one of the first flavors launched by Barebells and is still a favorite worldwide.
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20 grams of protein. All the taste.