Barebells launches new soft bar – Minty Chocolate

As the colder season arrives, Barebells launches a new classic candy-flavored soft protein bar – Minty Chocolate. It combines mild mint, silky milk chocolate, and an irresistible soft texture with 16 grams of protein, without added sugar.

– This flavor is perfect for the upcoming winter holidays, but it is also so good it can be enjoyed all year around, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells.

Since the start of 2022, Barebells has turned the protein bar market into a much softer place. Now, the brand is complementing its increasingly popular soft protein bar range with a new flavor – Barebells Soft Bar Minty Chocolate. It first launches in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark, with more markets to follow during the coming months.

– This has been a highly requested flavor that we are sure will melt the hearts of the mint-lovers, but also surprise those that generally prefer other flavor combinations. Its minty tones bring a subtle freshness, while the emphasis still lies on the softness and caramelly chocolate that so many of us love in the soft bars, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells. 

Barebells Soft Bar Minty Chocolate is a mint- and chocolate-flavored protein bar, with a creamy, mild and fudgy mint paste, that has been covered in a generous amount of sweet and smooth milk chocolate. It contains 16 grams of protein and has no added sugar. 

The Barebells Soft Bar Family continues to grow its product range of flavors for every craving – and any occasion. All Barebells Soft Bars come without added sugar, are truly soft and uncompromisingly delicious, and contain 16 grams of protein per bar. They are available in the popular flavors Caramel Choco, Salted Peanut Caramel, Coco Choco, Banana Dream, Berry Licorice, and Salty Chocolate – all great alternatives to both traditional candy and protein bars, regardless of preferences and mood. 

The Barebells Soft Bars are suitable as snacks on the go, treats, or desserts at any time of the day. They represent a quick, convenient, and delicious source of protein prior or post-workout, without added sugar.  

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