Barebells launches a new Raspberry Milkshake

The Barebells Milkshake range is expanding with a delicious new flavour – the Raspberry Milkshake. This fresh and sweet any-time-of-the-day-drink is packed with 24 grams of protein and has no added sugar. It can be found in stores from the 4th of April – you don’t want to miss out on this one!

At Barebells, we believe that making good choices should be both convenient and tasty. That’s why we continuously launch new, mouthwatering shakes and bars without any added sugar, and with a high amount of protein. 

The Barebells Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Milkshakes (to name a few) have rapidly made their way into the hearts of our consumers anywhere they have been launched so far. Now, they are joined by another delicious option – the Raspberry Shake!

The new Raspberry Milkshake is launched the 4th of April in in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, the UK and Estonia. 

The Barebells Milkshakes are the perfect snack for anyone on the go, as a tasty post-workout treat, or as a great refill between meetings.

Some prefer to combine the Milkshakes with a fruit or some nuts, or poured over porridge.

Earlier this year, it became a massive TikTok trend to use Barebells Chocolate Milkshake as a key ingredient in an iced Chocolate Protein Coffee.

All in all, they can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time and in a variety of ways. 

All the Barebells Milkshakes are, besides having no added sugar and 24 grams of protein, free from lactose, gluten, and nuts.

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