Barebells launches Choco Hazelnut

Barebells continues to deliver new and great-tasting protein snacks to those who crave something delicious. The Barebells Choco Hazelnut Original Bar, with chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces, is packed with 20 grams of protein and has no added sugar.

The Barebells fan favorites, such as the Caramel Cashew Original Bar, are getting some healthy competition! This autumn, Barebells launches the new Choco Hazelnut Original Bar, a tasty high-protein treat without added sugar. 

In this bar, the hazelnut is certainly the main character. The chocolate- and hazelnut-flavored core is covered in crunchy bits of hazelnut and a generous layer of milk chocolate, giving each bite the perfect balance of hazelnutty crisp and silky-smooth chocolate. A classic and (dare we say?) perfect flavor combo – now available in the increasingly popular Barebells style of protein bars.

Compared to the Barebells Original Bar Hazelnut Nougat, where the nutty and nougat-flavored core is the star of the show, the new Choco Hazelnut places a greater emphasis on the chocolate flavor, with a fudgier consistency and taste. And, if you ask us, hazelnuts taste so good they deserve different – both as delicious – variations.

The Barebells Original Bars suit anyone wanting to feed their cravings, but also those who want to keep their protein intake high while avoiding added sugar. It is a great snack in between meals, pre-or post-workout, on the go, or as dessert. When hunger happens – Barebells delivers!

20 grams of protein. All the taste.