Social media wiz and former D1 soccer athlete, Noah Beck, has officially joined the Barebells ambassador team. Being an amazing content creator and an inspiring athlete, we are proud to have him added to our ambassador roster, looking forward to an exciting and creative partnership.

With more than 45 million followers across his social media channels, Noah has quickly become one of the fastest growing profiles on social media and has partnered up with some impressive brands over the last two years. He focuses on lifestyle-inspired content, combined with fashion and fitness, where the target group is the somewhat younger audience. Noah is not only talented when it comes to creating content, but also has an eye and exceptional understanding of major upcoming trends to build his platforms around.

Being a former MLS Academy and D1 soccer player, Noah has constantly encountered the challenges of balancing a clean diet while nourishing his body as well as satisfying cravings. At Barebells, we want to make protein-enriched snacks accessible and offer delicious on-the-go options for people like Noah, to feed their cravings in a health-conscious way throughout the day. We are proud to now have Barebells bars available in stores nationwide as well as online.

“I definitely have a sweet tooth,” Noah says, laughing. “Thanks to Barebells, I have now found a way of keeping my sugar cravings under control throughout the day. Having a lifestyle where I am constantly on-the-go, it is crucial for me to have an easy but healthy option for when I need a quick refuel, something Barebells covers perfectly.”