What is Barebells?

Barebells launched in 2016 and offers a tasty range of snacks and alternatives to breakfast and desserts – without compromising on flavor. Both the flavor and the design are influenced by the American fifties. Today, Barebells is available in more than 30 countries.

What kind of products are available in the range? 

Barebells offers protein bars in a wide range of flavors; Creamy Crisp, Chocolate Dough, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Cashew, Salty Peanut, White Chocolate Almond, Crunchy Fudge & Hazelnut Nougat. Salty Peanut & Hazelnut Nougat is also available as a plant-based option.

Are Barebells products suitable as snacks?

Barebells protein bars are perfect for every occasion when you want to give your taste buds a real treat. 

Where are Barebells products made?

In Europe.

How healthy are Barebells products?

Barebells products are high in protein and without added sugar*. For further information regarding energy or other content, please see the table of contents here or on the packaging of each product.

* See nutrition information for sugar, calorie and saturated fat content. Not a low or reduced calorie food 

What is the collagen hydrolysate in our Barebells bars made of?

The origin of the collagen hydrolysate is bovine.

Why have the calories increased on Barebells Cookies & Cream, Crunchy Fudge & the plant based bars?

We have updated the recipes of some Barebells bars to improve taste & texture, in some cases this has increased the calorific value by 2 or 3 calories. Due to FDA rounding regulations this has resulted in some flavors rounding up (when previously they rounded down). For example: Cookies & Cream will move from 190 calories to 200 calories.

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For whom are Barebells products suitable?

Barebells protein bars are rich in protein and suit everyone who wants to give their taste buds a real treat. Since they are high in protein, they are well suited for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. 

Are Barebells products free from lactose?

Barebells plant based line of protein bars are lactose free.

Does any of Barebells products contain gluten?

Barebells protein bars contain traces of gluten. 

Are Barebells products vegan?

Barebells are available both with whey protein and as a plant-based option with a blend of rice, pea and soy protein.

Are Barebells protein bars without palm oil?

Barebells protein bars are without palm oil. 

For how long can you store Barebells products?

The packaging is always marked with a best before date.

Can you buy Barebells clothes or other merchandise?

Unfortunately, consumers are not able to buy our clothes or merchandise, they are only for our brand ambassadors and internal use.

Why have the sugar alcohols reduced on the nutritional label?

Following on from FDA clarification, we have removed Glycerin from the Sugar Alcohol calculation. While technically Glycerin is a sugar alcohol due to its chemical structure, the FDA classifies sugar alcohols for nutrition labels as derived from saccharides (carbs), whereas glycerin is derived from triglycerides (fat). This is in line with changes made by other brands in the category.

For more questions please reach out to [email protected]