100 % chewable deliciousness – in four classic flavours. Barebells Protein Bars were born to satisfy both your taste buds and your abs. All low in sugars and with 20 grams of protein.


Cookies & cream

Inspired by the most loved cookie in American history, this bar is sure to satisfy any crazy, creamy craving. On top of that it has 20 grams of protein and no added sugar.

Wartości odżywcze dla 100g (dla 55g)
Energia1499 kJ (835 kJ)/358 kcal (197 kcal)
Tłuszcze12 g (7 g), Tłuszcze nasycone 7,5 g (4,1 g)
Węglowodany30 g (16 g), Cukier 3,1 g (1,7 g)
Błonnik6,1 g (3,3 g)
Białko36 g (20 g)
Sól0,32 g (0,17 g)

Caramel cashew

Tired of eating bars that taste like cardboard? This bar is far too gooey and chocolaty to compare to anything but the most decadent of desserts; and yet it has 20 grams of protein and no added sugar. Staying fit has never been this delicious.

Wartości odżywcze dla 100g (55g)
Energia1516 kJ (835 kJ)/361 kcal (199 kcal)
Tłuszcze15 g (8,3 g), Tłuszcze nasycone 7,6 g (4,2 g)
Węglowodany26 g (14 g), Cukier 3.2 g (1,7 g)
Błonnik7.9 g (4,3 g)
Białko36 g (20 g)
Sól0,19 g (0,11 g)

Coconut choko

A tropical dream come true. Barebells Coconut-Choco Protein Bar is exploding with coconut flavour, wrapped in creamy milk chocolate and smothered in real coconut flakes. High in protein and without added sugar. Go ahead and pinch yourself.

Wartości odżywcze dla 100g (55g)
Energia1513 kJ (835 kJ)/362 kcal (199 kcal)
Tłuszcze14 g (7,7 g), Tłuszcze nasycone 9,2 g (5,1 g)
Węglowodany27 g (15 g), Cukier 2,8 g (1,6 g)
Błonnik8,5 g (4,7 g)
Białko36 g (20 g)
Sól0,28 g (0,15 g)