Barebells teams up with Alica Schmidt and launches new range of protein powders – tasty gains await!

New products and new faces at Barebells: The Swedish protein brand is pleased to announce its partnership with the athlete and lifestyle profile Alica Schmidt.
She joins the Barebells family just in time for the introduction of a completely new product category: Barebells Protein Powders.
“Barebells have always been my go-to snacks. The bars are really tasty and so convenient to take anywhere,” said Alica Schmidt.

Alica Schmidt has been competing in track and field on an international level for several years and is one of Germany’s most promising runners. She is also well-known on social media, with an Instagram following of 5.1 million. 

“Alica is the perfect example of someone who leads a healthy and happy life full of activity and ambition, but also makes room for the good things in life. That’s exactly what Barebells stands for,” said Katharina Trute, Brand Activation Manager of Barebells Germany.

In addition to the new partnership, Barebells is also expanding its popular assortment of high-protein snacks, meals, and shakes with a new product range: Barebells Protein Powders. This exciting new line promises to deliver mouth-watering flavors and high-quality protein without added sugar. It is a product category perfectly suited for active adults and athletes who want to increase their daily protein intake in a delicious way.

“With the new Barebells Protein Powders, I easily meet my daily protein needs. So incredibly delicious!” said Alica Schmidt.

“We are very excited to introduce Barebells Protein Powders to our customers. This new product line not only offers good protein values but also a well-rounded taste experience. Whether after a workout, at breakfast, or on the go – something to look forward to,” said Katharina Trute, Brand Activation Manager of Barebells Germany.

This delicious range includes Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Clear Whey Protein, and Vegan Protein, all bursting with flavor, and all free from added sugars. The range includes unbeatable flavors such as Peach, Strawberry Sundae, Creamy Vanilla Dream, Salted Milk Chocolate and Choco Toffee Swirl. Every product in the new range is high in protein, which contributes to the maintenance of and increase in muscle mass. 

All Barebells Protein Powders are conveniently packed, easy to bring with you, and ready to be easily mixed with water, making them versatile and practical for any occasion. They can be served as a shake, a pudding, or included in for example pancakes, smoothies or porridge. 

The Protein Powders will be available for purchase on starting on the 4th of of July. Initially, they are only launched in Germany. 

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About Barebells 
Committed to your cravings, Barebells offers a broad range of delicious high-protein bars, milkshakes, and drinkable meals – all great-tasting alternatives to snacks, treats or nutrition on the go. The brand was launched in Sweden in 2016 and is now present in over 40 markets. Barebells products are all packed with protein, have no added sugar, no palm oil, and never compromise on taste.   

The Barebells Protein Powder Range

Barebells Clear Whey Protein Peach has 20 grams of protein per serving (25 grams powder), no added sugars and minimal amounts of trace carbs and fats. A fresh and clear variation of protein – that reminds us of peach lemonade.  

Barebells Whey Protein Creamy Vanilla Dream is a milky and delicious Vanilla protein shake without added sugar, that provides 26 grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder).  

Barebells Casein Protein Creamy Vanilla Dream is a smooth and thick protein that can be consumed as either a shake or a pudding. It has no added sugar and contains 28 grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder).  

Barebells Whey Protein Salted Milk Chocolate offers a protein shake that is anything but ordinary. A classic and milky chocolate flavor is combined with a pinch of salt in this protein powder, that has no added sugar while still offering 25 grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder). 

Barebells Casein Protein Salted Milk Chocolate is the perfect addition to your everyday routine if you’d love a thick and smooth shake – or creamy pudding. With a flavor of milk chocolate and a pinch of salt, this protein offers 26 truly delicious grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder).  

Barebells Whey Protein Strawberry Sundae offers the best of both worlds – protein and a summery strawberry ice cream flavor. It comes with 26 grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder) and has no added sugar.

Barebells Casein Protein Strawberry Sundae has 27 grams of protein per serving (35 grams powder), has no added sugar, and is a truly delicious experience both flavor and texture wise. Mix with water and make either a smooth and thick shake, or have it as a pudding.  

20 grams of protein. All the taste.