Courtney’s High Protein Vanilla & Cinnamon French Toast

Credit: @courtneypruce

Ingredients (For two slices): 
2 Slices of bread
2 egg whites (or whole eggs)
A pinch of cinnamon
1/2 bottle of Barebells Vanilla Milkshake
Coconut oil
Chosen toppings/syrups/sauces

1. Whisk together 2 egg whites (or can use whole eggs), a pinch of cinnamon with 1/2 bottle of Barebells Vanilla Milkshake.
2. Pour into a flat dish.
3. Add your slices of bread (I used 90 kcal per slice white danish loaf) into the dish and leave to soak for 2 minutes each side (the bread should have absorbed most of the mixture by 4-5 minutes).
4. Heat a non stick pan with some coconut oil or 1kcal spray and cook the bread for 4-5 mins each side until golden and crisp!
5. Add your bacon and chosen toppings/syrups/sauces and enjoy!