What is Barebells?

Barbells is a functional food company launched in 2016 that offers a tasty range of protein-enriched snacks and alternatives to breakfast and desserts –  without compromising the flavor. Both the flavor and the design are influenced by the American fifties. Today, Barebells is available in more than twenty countries.

What kind of products are available in the range? 

Barebells offers protein-enriched snacks in two different categories; Bars and Milkshakes.

Are Barebells products suitable as snacks?

Barebells protein-enriched products are perfect for every occasion when you want to give your taste buds a real treat. Unbelievably barebellicious! 

Are Barebells products vegan?

Barebells products are not vegan as they contain milk protein and collagen.

Where are Barebells products made?

In Europe.

How healthy are Barebells products?

Barebells products are protein-enriched and without added sugar. For further information regarding nutrition, please see the table of contents on the packaging of each product.

Can you buy Barebells clothes or other merchandise?

Unfortunately, consumers are not able to buy our clothes or merchandise; they are only for our brand ambassadors and internal use.

Why is protein important?

Physical activity increases protein turnover in the muscles. Strenuous OR high intensity exercise can also cause an increase of muscle breakdown and because of this the muscles need to be “repaired”. Protein contributes to both growth and maintenance of the muscles, therefore, it’s important to get protein when exercising.

For whom are Barebells products suitable?

Barebells protein-enriched snacks suit everyone who wants to give their taste buds a real treat. Since they are enriched with protein, they are suitable for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. Or for anyone looking for a tasty treat, for that matter.

Are Barebells products free from lactose?

Barebells Milkshakes are free from lactose.

Barebells Protein Bars are not free from lactose.

Does any of Barebells products contain gluten?

Barebells Protein Bars contain traces of gluten. 
Other Barebells products do not contain gluten.

For how long can you store Barebells products?

It varies depending on the product. The packaging is always marked with a best before date.