Barebells Prepared x CrossFit® Games

The functional fitness team ‘Barebells Prepared’ consisting of Alexander Elebro, Mia Åkerlund, Synne Krokstad and Phil Hesketh brought their A game during this weekend’s sanctioned event CrossFit® Lowlands Throwdown in the Netherlands. Barebells Prepared managed to win five out of seven events and placed second and third place in the other events. They won the competition with a total of 670 points, leaving the other teams in their wake. Barebells Prepared have now secured their place in this year’s edition of CrossFit® Games in Madison, Wisconsin in the beginning of August.

– We are all really excited! It’s really hard to get a spot in the CrossFit® Games as a team, they only allow 15 team spots, you have to win one out of fifteen competitions to get a spot. It’s hard to not be very proud and happy. Our training will be so much more fun now as well, now we have a proper goal to strive for. We believe that people don’t really see us as a force to be reckoned with and make it onto the podium, but we would love to prove them wrong! Says, Alexander Elebro in Barebells Prepared.

The next stop for Barebells Prepared will be the CrossFit® Games 2019. We are looking forward to following their journey this summer and wish them all the best!

Photographer: @michelbijland